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During this class, participants will learn life-saving rescue skills for an Aquatic Environment. Once a participant takes the classes and passes the skills and written test, they will be certified as a YMCA Lifeguard for 2 years.

Lifeguard Course Prerequisites

  • Complete medical clearance (recommended)
  • Minimum age 16. If under the age of 18, participant must have parental consent to take this course.
  • Pass the following swimming test:
    • Tread water for two minutes without using arms then swim a 100 front crawl
    • Swim a 50 each of front crawl with head up, sidestroke, breaststroke, breaststroke with head up, breaststroke kick on back
    • Feet first surface dive to bottom, swim 15 feet, then surface
    • Sprint approximately 20 meters, arm first surface dive to retrieve an object, then tread water for 1 minute without using hands
    • Replace object on bottom, climb out of pool and perform 100 CPR compressions.

Must Be Able To Accomplish These Tasks

  • Remain alert, with no lapses in consciousness
  • Sit for extended periods, including in an elevated chair
  • Move to various locations, including in and around an elevated chair
  • Communicate verbally, including projecting the voice across distances
  • Hear noises and distress signals in the aquatic environment
  • Observe all areas of the aquatic environment
  • Perform all needed rescues and survival skills
  • Think in the abstract, solve problems, make decisions, instruct, evaluate, supervise, and remember
  • Will possess the skills to operate alone as a lifeguard, with or without other lifeguard support.


Please note: Renewal and Crossover classes can be taught within FULL certification classes but participants MUST have a current Lifeguard certificate to attend (cannot be an out of date certificate).

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